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Check out our 3rd Edition of the Rising Times monthly Newsletter! We're talking all things ocean and marine life, including an iconic video with John Oliver to some recent ocean species discoveries!  

Evolution of Creatures in the ‘Twilight Zone’ Linked to Climate Change
The ocean’s twilight zone stretches from 200 to 1000 meters below the surface and is home to many diversified species. A recent study brought alarming data to light about the warming of the ocean and how that is affecting life in the deep sea. 

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Purpose-Driven Brands Win Consumers Trust & Dollars
Using “implicit association” that uncovers unconscious bias when comparing two brands, it was found that having a purpose can make a big difference. Consumers connect brands with purpose with words like “trustworthy” and “transparent”.

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4 Spectacular Ocean Species Recently Discovered
More than 80% of the ocean is still unmapped or unexplored, which makes it no surprise that new discoveries are being made every day. Check out four of the most intriguing species found in 2020, including this sea jelly that looks like a hot air balloon!

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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver on Plastics
John Oliver explains how plastic is in everything, and harming the planet because of it. Saying that recycling isn’t the solution we think and it’s not just up to us as consumers, but it will take change from both corporations and policymakers.

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What’s Good for the Ocean can be Good for Business
Passionate business owners like Mr. Odlin, of Rising Tide in Portland, Maine make strides in their companies to reverse the rapid decline in marine life. Enabling their businesses to flourish while pushing back against global climate change.

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