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With our Tides Custom Program your company or organization can work directly with the Cape Clasp team to develop graphic designs and production of custom merchandise for your event, marketing, or resale. Along with design and production, our Custom Packages come with marketing support, product and lifestyle photoshoots, copywriting, email support, and more. Everything you need to launch a successful ecommerce launch!



"You guys were super helpful with our many questions, putting together some amazing designs, being accessible whenever we want to chop it up on a call, checking our site to make sure it was ready to roll out, being thoughtful about the content we're all posting, and redirecting everyone to our site so efficiently.

We have had partners that have not put a fraction of the effort in that you guys have, so to see how this has gone has been very rewarding and greatly appreciated. Can't thank you guys enough for taking a chance on us and helping us progress on our journey!"

-Andrew Towne, CEO, VZN LLC