$235,441 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

We've been hard at work perfecting the newest addition to the Cape Clasp lineup, and it's finally here! Say hello to the Manta Ray Clasp.

Despite their gentle and curious nature, the future of the world's manta rays is uncertain. They're targeted for their gill plates, which are mistakenly thought to cure illnesses. And, they often inadvertently wind up in fishing nets, where they can easily drown. 

Help protect manta rays with your purchase of the Manta Ray Clasp. Available in both bronze and silver and in our whole array of cord colors, you're sure to find the perfect match for your style.

manta ray bracelet clasp cape clasp blue sphere foundation

The best part? 15% of profits are donated directly to Blue Sphere Foundation to support their work protecting marine species and habitats from threats like overfishing, illegal hunting, and destructive practices. The organization accomplishes this through on-the-ground actions, activism through media, storytelling, and outreach, and art that helps connect people to marine environments and the animals that live there.

manta ray swimming with divers blue sphere foundation 

It's no secret that our oceans face serious threats. But by partnering with dedicated organizations like Blue Sphere Foundation, we're able to #makewaves for marine life, preserving the ocean for generations to come. Early next week, we will be releasing a Partner Spotlight with more information about this awesome organization.