$235,441 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

Protecting the world's oceans and every animal that lives in them is the most important work that we do. 15% of profits from every design you buy is donated directly to one of our non-profit partners serving this mission. 

One of our favorite parts of launching a new design is finding a non-profit organization to donate our proceeds to. We diligently research potential partners to ensure the proceeds will be put to good use and that they are a leader in the field of study. For our brand-new Manta Ray Clasp, we're thrilled to announce our newest partner: the Blue Sphere Foundation.

Blue Sphere Foundation not only helps protect marine habitats around the world from destruction, but it sees art and media as key components of preserving the ocean for generations to come. The organization works in three areas: 

  1. Action: Protecting the ocean with on-the-ground work
  2. Activism: Communicating the impact we're having on the ocean and supporting policies designed to protect it
  3. Art: Using art to strengthen our connection to the ocean and everything that lives in it

Each year, Blue Sphere Foundation brings participants on expeditions across the globe to show them their work up close and personal. This gives individuals a firsthand look at the threats our ocean is facing and introduces them to the solutions we can implement worldwide.

Manta rays are facing an uncertain future due to several man-made threats, including overfishing, ending up as bycatch, and plastic pollution. In fact, plastic can make up up to half of what a manta ray consumes.

Blue Sphere Foundation is committed to protecting this gentle species. It recently worked alongside other non-profit partners on protecting baby reef manta rays living in the nursery that is Wayag Lagoon in Raja Ampat, Indonesia. The organization used satellite tagging and photo ID research to better understand the importance of the nursery, which led to regulations that are successfully protecting the young rays. 

We love Blue Sphere foundation's actionable, 3-pronged strategy to protect manta rays: understand what the current situation is by studying what is happening, educate the public on what alternative routes should be taken, and helping to inform policies aimed at protecting the animals. We are constantly impressed by Blue Sphere Foundation's innovative approach and are excited to have them on board to help us #makewaves for marine life.

Support Blue Sphere Foundation with your purchase of the Manta Ray Clasp and follow @bluespherefoundation on Instagram to learn more about their work.