$235,441 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

2018 was filled with unforgettable highlights here at Cape Clasp, including:

  • Adding a new ring line 💍
  • Launching our line of recycled apparel 👕
  • Refreshing our cords with new colors 🌈
  • Partnering with 2 new non-profits 💙
  • Haley and I got engaged 💕
  • Fisher turning 2 🐶

And most importantly, thanks to you, we've donated more than $35,000 in just the past two years to our non-profit partners to protect marine life across the globe.

In celebration of a successful 2018, we are offering 18% off our most popular products this weekend with code: 2018. These products support the work our awesome non-profit partners, such as Atlantic White Shark Conservancy & UMiami Shark Research.

Looking ahead to this year, we're excited to launch our new Manta Ray clasp and have a few other top secret projects in the works 🤫 

And, we want to hear from you - what would you like to see from Cape Clasp in 2019? Please feel free to reach out if you have any feedback or ideas for products or non-profit partners: pclarke@capeclasp.com

As always, thank you for helping Cape Clasp #makewaves. We couldn't do this without your support.