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Angry, cruel, bloodthirsty, solitary – our culture has continuously misportrayed sharks as evil and anti-social. Yet, despite this, these incredible creatures continue to be their intelligent, adventurous selves, seemingly uninhibited by other’s views. With over five hundred species of shark around the world ranging from just under seven inches in length to around forty feet, all remain majestic while simultaneously bestowing true courage, strength, and bravery upon the waters. Many sharks, even those with more isolated behaviors, will travel entire sea basins simply to breed and spend time with others.

By purchasing and wearing one of our shark pieces, not only are you reminding the world of your commitment to self-expression and fearlessness, you also put much needed support behind organizations that help protect these creatures. With each purchase, 15% of profits support the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy whose mission is to support white shark research and education programs to ensure that this important species thrives.

Courage, intelligence, bravery – you are already a shark, so why not support them?



- 1/2 inch Great White Clasp for more compact style
- Bronze or sterling silver clasp ready for ocean wear
- Marine grade accessory cord for durability
- Made in USA
- One size fits all
- Drawstring bag for transportation included


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