A Cape Cod Cranberry Harvest

If you’re from Cape Cod, you’ve seen cranberry bogs. But have you ever wondered how they farm cranberries or why they flood the fields?

Helping Baby Turtles on Cape Cod

Diamondback Terrapins are listed as a threatened species in Massachusetts, especially here on Cape Cod. We joined the Mass Audubon Wellfleet Bay yesterday, as they help give these turtles a head start.

Finding the Best Lobster Roll on MV

Woah guys! Last week, we charted a course to Menemsha, a small fishing village on the western side of Martha’s Vineyard. We make a few pit stops along the way, ending with a lobster roll showdown between Larson’s and Menemsha Fish Market.

Tagging Great White Sharks on Cape Cod

Since 2014, Cape Clasp has supported the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy, an organization conducting groundbreaking great white research off the coast of Cape Cod. Last week, we were invited out to witness this research first hand and what you are about to see is raw footage from that day.

Cape Cod Breweries | A Cape Clasp Guide

The Cape & Islands Brewery Passport Program is here! 🍻 The first 100 check-ins will also receive a Commemorative Pin!

Things to do on Cape Cod | Woods Hole Edition

In today's video, we take a day trip around Woods Hole on Cape Cod, MA. From coffee at Pie in the Sky to walk around the Knob, we hope you like this trip to our little corner of the world.

Beach Driving on Cape Cod | A How-to Guide

We get a lot of questions from our followers looking for tips on what to bring when oversand beach driving on Cape Cod, so we pulled together our favorite things to pack for a day driving out on the sand.


Come with us for a behind the scenes adventure to the flats of Cape Cod Bay as we find the SS James Longstreet.

The Nantucket Safari

We take a coastal trip along the entire Coskata-Coatue Wildlife Refuge on Nantucket, Massachusetts. Come along for the ride!

Clamming on Cape Cod

From Waquoit Bay to Woods Hole for some clams casino!

Old Fashioned Lobster Bake

We travel from Woods Hole to Wareham to host a lobster bake in celebration of our newest apparel launch, Wes and Tides.

Tikós x National Park Foundation

Plastic pollution has created a major problem in our oceans and on our lands. For Season 3 of tikós, we partnered with the National Park to highlight 16 National Parks and Seashores.

Lobster Rolls

We took the whaler out to New Seabury, home of the best lobster roll on Cape Cod. Not the most efficient way to get there, but it sure made for a good time!


Cuttyhunk Island is a "quick" 14 mile boat ride from Woods Hole and is home to less than 100 people. Take a ride with us to explore this small island with a big history!

Nantucket Off Roading

We headed back to Nantucket to explore some trails and beaches and wanted to share the journey with you!

Shipwreck Hunters

All this Summer, we are going to be making videos under the name CC:PRESENTS. It’s going to be like the content you know and love from CC, but as long form adventure videos. In this video, we try to find the Port Hunter shipwreck located in Vineyard Sound.

Bahamas Shark Tagging

We joined our friends at Beneath the Waves on their most recent research trip to the island of Exuma in the Bahamas. We tagged reef sharks, tiger sharks, nurse sharks, and more! Such an awesome trip and we can't wait to go back.

Woods Hole Seals

There is nothing quite like Woods Hole at sunrise

Sandy Neck Onewheel

I took a onewheel down to the oversand section of Sandy Neck Beach in Sandwich, MA. The big dog I am chasing is my boy Fish. He is the mascot of our company, Cape Clasp.

National Clean Up Day 2020

We took to the beach to celebrate National Clean Up Day! Do your part, the Earth will thank you!