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Turtle Tracker Bracelet

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Support the preservation of sea turtles on the Outer Banks with our OBF Turtle Nest Adoption Bracelet! By buying this bracelet, you are helping adopt a sea turtle nest through the Outer Banks Forever Adopt a Turtle Nest Program. Throughout the 2023 season, we will share the journey of your adopted nest with you, including information on when it was laid, when it hatched, and how many turtles hatched. 

Through our partnership with Outer Banks Forever, each bracelet is equipped with a unique QR code that will reserve your nest. Once your information is confirmed, you'll receive personalized updates on the progress of your adopted nest throughout the season.

By wearing our OBF Turtle Nest Adoption Bracelet, you're not only showing your love for sea turtles, but you're also supporting preservation and conservation efforts on the Outer Banks. Join us in making a difference and adopt a nest today!

Each nest will be shared with 10 likeminded turtle lovers.

- Green Powder Coated Stainless Steel
- Marine grade accessory cord for durability
- One size fits all
-Thank you for helping Cape Clasp #makewaves for marine life causes!


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