$235,441 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!


In 2013 the first Cape Clasp was made. Designed out of sterling silver and wrapped with marine grade cord, the original Cape Cod shaped bracelet is a reminder of how far we have come in the last ten years.

Today we are still selling our core line of sterling silver bracelets but have added much more to our offering. Growing up on the ocean continues to be an inspiration for everything we make and is evident in our three lines Cape Clasp, Tikós and the Tides Program. Since the beginning we have donated 15% of our profits to ocean and marine life non-profits and that continues now with every launch we do and every partnership we make.

A desire to help do our part and provide our customers with a 100% recycled bracelet (from product, to packaging, to mailer) sparked the idea for Tikós. In 2016 we launched our ocean plastic line named after the Greek word "Pastikós" meaning "to mold or shape behavior" and are meant to be worn as a daily reminder to reduce your plastic use.

Through the years with Tikós we have partnered with the National Park Foundation, Outer Banks Forever, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, American Rescue League and others to make custom ocean plastic bracelets that tell a story from the ocean to your wrist.

In 2020 we introduced our Tides Program of limited edition apparel. What started out as a small drop of fun ocean inspired t-shirts has grown over the years to be one of our most successful lines. Our drops have come in many forms from hand tie-dyed tees to Jaws and Wes Anderson inspired collections that sell out in a matter of hours.

In 2022 we started our Tides Collaborations and are consistently releasing thoughtful collaborations for a range of brands, non-profits, and events.

We are constantly pushing ourselves to innovate and release new ocean gear that you can feel good about. Keep an eye out on the horizon for future collaborations because we have a lot of exciting things coming to shore soon. Thanks for helping us make waves.