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Happy Earth Day from us at CC! 

In 2020, we set out on a mission to create a worldwide clean up crew, specifically focusing on plastic pollution in oceans and on land. That’s how the CC:Wavemakers program was born. We encouraged our ambassadors to stake claim at a local beach or trail which they vow to keep clean. 

And while everyday is Earth Day at Cape Clasp, to celebrate the national holiday this year we wanted to focus on the theme: Progress Over Perfection.

We’re challenging you, our new and existing CC:Wavemakers to make the pledge to clean our planet, one step at a time. We can strive for perfection, but really it’s the small changes in our everyday lives that when added up, make a big difference. 


  • Use reusable bags at the grocery store
  • Bring your own to-go cup to the coffee shop
  • Buy produce from local farmers markets
  • Collect trash when walking the dog 
  • Take a ‘sailor shower’ and turn the water off between shampoo and conditioner
  • Unplug electronics when not in use 
  • Compost food scraps
  • Thrift / shop second-hand
  • Walk or bike to work (working remotely is eco-friendly, too!)
  • Many more!

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Thank you for making waves not only for ocean and marine life, but for the planet!