$235,441 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

Here at Cape Clasp, we’re passionate about protecting our oceans and every marine animal that lives in our waters. We’ve been fortunate to partner with Massachusetts Audubon Society Wellfleet Bay Wildlife Sanctuary and donate 15% of profits from our Turtle Clasp to support their work with saving sea turtles. The sanctuary’s work on rescuing cold-stunned sea turtles is one way your purchase of Cape Clasp is helping to protect the Cape’s five species of sea turtles.

Cape Cod Bay can be a confusing place for many turtles to navigate, causing them to get lost and struggle to find their way back out to the ocean so they can head south for the winter, making the Cape the home of the world's largest recurring annual sea turtle stranding. Each year from October through January, sea turtles begin washing ashore after their body temperatures fail to adjust to the cold water, causing them to plummet dangerously, a phenomenon known as being “cold-stunned.” 

Mass Audubon staff and volunteers walk beaches on Cape Cod Bay searching for and reporting cold-stunned turtles. Stranded turtles are brought into Mass Audubon in Wellfleet for emergency triage, then transported up to Quincy, Massachusetts to be treated at the New England Aquarium's Animal Care Center. 

This year alone, 44 sea turtles have been found on bayside beaches, and all but two (who passed away) have made their way to Quincy thanks to Mass Audubon and its volunteers.

If you happen to come across a stranded sea turtle on Cape Cod, gently move the animal above the high tide line (past the point where the high tide reaches) and cover it with seaweed to keep it protected from the wind. Mark its location with a visible object, such as driftwood or a buoy, and call Mass Audubon at 508-349-2615 x6104.

Local to Cape Cod? The sanctuary is hosting a Sea Turtle Open House on Saturday, November 24 to give the public a behind-the-scenes look at their sea turtle rescue program. You can learn more about volunteering by calling 508-349-2615.

This month, we had the opportunity to participate in our own turtle rescue mission thanks to Mass Audubon Society. Check out our newest video on IGTV to get a behind the scenes look!

Support Mass Audubon’s work with stranded sea turtles by purchasing a Turtle Clasp. It’s the perfect holiday gift for anyone that loves sea turtles or is passionate about making waves for marine life.