Hammerhead Necklace

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Hammerheads are gorgeous, resourceful creatures – and this piece was designed specifically with that in mind. We at Cape Clasp believe in the strength of our community, and this necklace’s accentuated curve stands as a reminder that it’s never too late to change direction toward better environmental habits and a healthier sea.

With every purchase of a Hammerhead Necklace, 15% of profits go on to support the Watermen Project, an organization dedicated to proper education and research of our oceans as well as human conservation efforts towards them. 


- Bronze or silver clasp ready for ocean expedition
- Marine-grade black cord, adjustable sizing up to 24"
- Free drawstring bag for transportation
- Made in the USA
- One size fits all

Thank you for helping Cape Clasp #makeswaves for marine life causes!

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