Quahog Shell Necklace

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Quahogs are hard-shell clams that are commonly used for clam chowder, a staple here on Cape Cod. Although quahogs are edible, they serve many other purposes and have a deep & rich history. 

Hard clams, or quahogs, are of great ecological importance and can be biological indicators of environmental changes. Due to hard clams being sedentary, any movements can be significant.

We were not the first to use the quahog as inspiration for jewelry. The Eastern Woodlands tribes of the Native Americas made white and purple beads, called 'wampum', out of quahog shells. 

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  • Sterling Silver pendant ready for ocean expedition
  • 18" Sterling Silver chain
  • Free drawstring bag for transportation
  • One size fits all
  • 15% of profits support marine life non-profits

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