$231,080 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

The Shark Project is a collectible series of hand drawn illustrations living in the digital world which donate back to sharks living in the physical world.

Your Shark also acts as your VIP membership to Cape Clasp, granting access to members-only benefits, including:

  • Your 1 of 1 Shark Project Digital Collectable (NFT)
  • Lifetime 15% off code at capeclasp.com, including Tides
  • Early access to all product drops and new collections (avoid all Tides sellouts)
  • Opportunity to collaborate with the Cape Clasp team and community
  • A donation to our non-profit partner
  • First access to future Shark Project NFTs

We are launching 12 initial sharks for .024 ETH (roughly $99), exclusively on the OpenSea platform. Once you secure your shark, there are no ongoing fees or requirements. Your shark represents a stake in the Cape Clasp brand and mission. It can change in value and be resold to other collectors.

The Shark is yours to collect and show off. You retain full non-commercial rights to the Shark, perfect for displaying as art or serving as your social avatar. Just check out our instagram!

If you miss out on the first frenzy, don't worry; there are more sharks in the water. But this is where it all starts. Welcome to The Shark Project.  

NFTs and the Environment

As NFTs evolve, there is a lot of eco-friendly innovation going on within the space. We chose to use the Polygon blockchain because their energy consumption is “orders of magnitude below the energy consumption by the major PoW blockchain networks.” You can read more about the different blockchains here to understand how Polygon is more eco-friendly and with considerably fewer carbon emissions.

Additionally, we continue to be Climate Neutral certified and part of 1% for the Planet. With that we will be offsetting our carbon impact as the industry evolves, and we are making a donation to our non-profit partners with each purchase.

We believe that digital ownership is important and NFTs carry tremendous artistic and cultural value. It is important that environmentally friendly artists and brands are exploring the space in order to influence change from within.

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