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Join us in welcoming Austin Gallagher to the Sharks Don’t Sleep Podcast. Austin is a marine biologist, entrepreneur and Chief Scientist of Beneath the Waves, one of our non-profit partners. 

Throughout this episode, Cape Clasp founder, Pat Clarke and Austin Gallagher talk crypto-currency and NFT’s and how that now plays a role in the future of an organization such as Beneath the Waves. They also discuss what it takes for small businesses to thrive during a time like the COVID-19 pandemic. While covering other topics like the Cape Clasp and BTW partnership on the new Tikós Sunnies in the Sea Grass colorway, and how seagrass plays a major role in our underwater ecosystems. 

Cape Clasp has had a long standing partnership with Chief Scientist Austin Gallagher and Beneath the Waves. After traveling down to the Bahamas to tag sharks with the BTW team to launch Tikós Season 2, the proceeds from those purchases allowed Beneath the Waves to deploy receivers in various locations on the ocean floor that would pick up any of their tagged sharks information. 

Image from Beneath the Waves.

Interestingly enough, BTW was able to find (through one of the Cape Clasp receivers) that in Hooper’s Bay, a shallow area in Exuma, Bahamas at only 5 feet deep was home to at least one, possibly two tiger sharks. This was such a surprising find for many reasons, be sure to give this awesome episode a listen to find out why! And stay tuned for some info on Shark Week 2021, where both we at Cape Clasp and the team at Beneath the Waves will have some announcements! 

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