Tikos are 100% recyclable ocean plastic bracelets that challenge consumers to reduce the amount of plastic that winds up in our ocean.


The material to make our Tikos products is first cleaned off coastlines and removed from the ocean to then be shaved down into recycled plastic pellets. The pellets are then melted down, molded into bracelets, and worn on your wrist as a daily reminder to reduce your plastic use and to protect the ocean.

Our Commitment to the Planet

We are honored to be part of 1% For the Planet and donate 15% of our profits back to ocean and marine life nonprofit organizations. As of 2020 we have donated over $100,000 to local and national nonprofits. Tikos is also Certified Climate Neutral and committed to being carbon neutral while reducing our overall impact to the environment.

The Seasons of Tikos

Tikos are released in various seasons as we introduce new colors, partnerships, and stories. As new seasons are released others are retired to make room for new causes.

Season One:
Challenge Accepted

With our introductory season of Tikós, we wanted to both remove plastic from the ocean, but also challenge customers to reduce their daily plastic waste. The four colors of Season One act as daily reminders to Skip the Straw, Bring the Bag, Clean the Coast, and Keep the Cup. Learn More >

Season Two:
Beneath The Waves

Season Two of Tikós directly supports shark conservation in the Bahamas Shark Sanctuary through our partnership with Beneath the Waves. Each of the four Tikós are inspired by the colors of the Bahamas and the sanctuary's inhabitants including; Shark Gray, Coral Pink, Turtle Green, and Exuma Blue. Learn More >

Season Three:
Coming Soon!

We are very excited to announce our biggest partnership to date! Stay tuned for updates.