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Congratulations on being the proud new owner of a Cape Clasp ring! We want you to enjoy our jewelry for a long time, so we’ve pulled together our top tips for taking care of your new piece.

Bronze is more sensitive to the elements than silver, so if you are looking for a more low-maintenance option, we recommend upgrading to a silver finish. For our bronze ring, we suggest that you:

Skip swimming

If you’re a Cape Clasp lover, there’s a good chance you spend a lot of time at the beach. But, it’s best to leave your ring on land while you go out on the water. It’s easy to lose a ring while swimming and the water can tarnish it.

Steer clear of products

Avoid wearing your ring when washing your hands and avoid getting lotion and perfume on the ring as beauty products may lead to tarnishing. It’s important to also wash your hands before putting on your ring so the oils on your hand won’t damage the metal.

Keep it clean

Clean your ring regularly with a soft-bristled toothbrush, warm water, and gentle dish soap. Just take care, so it doesn’t end up falling down the drain! If your ring is looking a little dull, bring back its original shine by gently polishing it with a soft cloth.