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The ocean is home to mysterious creatures, both small and large. Today, we’re spotlighting five of the weirdest sharks discovered (so far).

Frilled Shark

The frilled shark looks more like an eel than a shark, but that doesn’t make it any less fearsome. The shark has about 300 teeth, organized into 25 rows, and grow to be a maximum of 6.4 feet long. The shark is found all over the world, but lives so deep down that it’s rarely seen by humans.

Thresher Shark

Thresher sharks are instantly recognizable with their long tails, which they use to round up and whip fish. The sharks can grow up to 20 feet in length from tip to tail, weighing up to 1,000 lbs. The three types of thresher sharks can be found all over the world, including off the east coast of the U.S. They haven’t been known to pose a threat to humans and are rarely seen close to shore.

Goblin Shark

The goblin shark is straight from a swimmer’s nightmare: They have pinkish colored translucent skin and an elongated snout that is full of sensors to detect and track down prey. Goblin sharks have a face only a mother could love: their protruding jaws are filled with sharp teeth that jet out. When prey is nearby, their jaw actually pops out to catch its next meal.


Wielding a long snout covered in sharp teeth, the sawshark is a fearsome predator. They use their “saws” to cut into their prey that they uncover with electro-receptors. Sawsharks are often confused with sawfish, which grow significantly larger than the sharks, which max out at about five feet.

Cookiecutter Shark

The cookiecutter shark gets its name from the cookiecutter-shape wounds it leaves on its victims. It tends to stalk large marine animals, like fish, dolphins, and whales, and bites chunks out of the unsuspecting victim without killing them. Another unique feature of the cookiecutter shark is its bioluminescent underside, which emits a greenish glow, thought to attract prey. The sharks live deep in the ocean, then swim closer to the surface at night to feed.

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