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New National Park Named

West Virginia is home to the newest National Park,  New River Gorge National Park, as of December 2020. With 7,021 acres of riverfront, and 65,165 acres of hunting and fishing access, it’s a nature-lover’s dream!

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US Will Rejoin Paris Climate Accord

The 46th President of the United States, Joe Biden, announces that the US will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord. Signaling that climate change will be top priority for the new administration.

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Meet Siri Østvold, Designer & Storyteller

Siri’s love for the ocean stemmed from her summers along Norway’s coastline as a child. She most recently set out on a voyage to the North Pacific gyre, finding shocking amounts of microplastic in her samples. 

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Beneath The Waves Finds Success With MPAs

After conducting a two-year analysis of shark behavior and movement, scientists from Beneath the Waves find marine protected areas (MPAs) to be successful. Providing a safe area for sharks and other marine life, away from commercial longlining.

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New Whale Species Found in Florida

Scientists believe to have found a new whale species when investigating an “ultra-rare” whale that had washed up in Florida. Possibly a separately evolved Bryde’s whale which became isolated to the Gulf of Mexico.

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