$235,441 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

If you want a free sticker pack from Cape Clasp, all you have to do is follow the steps below! ⬇️

  1. Self-address and stamp an envelope
  2. Put your self-addressed/stamped envelope inside another envelope
  3. Stamp that envelope and mail it to the address below

Cape Clasp 
118 South St, Unit 3A 
Boston, MA 02111

Once we receive your envelope, we will send you your free Cape Clasp sticker pack! For a limited time, we will be including one of our holographic Cape Cod Cold-Stunned Turtle Rescue stickers, which was featured in our Turtle Sticker Pack. 🐢 This sticker was produced by Sticker Mule, a custom sticker company that recently launched holographic stickers🙌 We will also include two random stickers from our collection.

These stickers make a great addition to any car, laptop, or reusable bottle! Get your own free sticker pack and #makewaves with Cape Clasp 🌊