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Let’s be honest, we’ll take any opportunity to celebrate these days. Which is why we have created the National Parks 3.1 Sticker Pack in honor of National Sticker Day! 

National Sticker Day began in 2015. It is now recognized annually on January 13th. All thanks to Stickergiant, a promotional sticker and label company in Longmont, Colorado. 

We’re big fans of stickers at Cape Clasp, we love both creating and collecting them. If you were to visit our Boston office, you would come across tables, counters and bins covered in stickers we have accumulated over the years. The best part about stickers is that they all have a story, whether the subject is a favorite place, event, or brand. 

We hope our stickers give you a story and a smile, wherever you go. Shop our latest National Parks 3.1 Sticker Pack, along with the rest of our fun, colorful sticker packs for a cause: https://www.capeclasp.com/collections/stickers

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