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Eight million tons of plastic enter the ocean every year - the equivalent of five garbage bags filled with plastic for every single foot of coastline. Our addiction to plastic and our failure to properly dispose of it is having deadly consequences for marine life.

But, we all have the power to turn the tide.

There’s a new challenge circulating on social media that cleans up the environment and protects marine life, and that’s something we can get behind. The #trashtag challenge has participants pick a spot in nature that’s in dire need of a clean-up, like a beach covered in plastic or a field filled with litter. The do-gooders snap a before and after photo of their hard work and use #trashtag. Browsing through the posts, it’s inspiring to see what just one person can do!

Celebrate Earth Day with Cape Clasp this year and join us in the #trashtag challenge. We’re challenging all of our followers and fans to head to a nearby beach, pond, or other outdoor area in their community that’s in need of a clean-up, and get to work! Register for the challenge below, post a before and after photo on Instagram and tag @capeclasp #trashtag, and we’ll send you a free Cape Clasp bracelet as a thank you for helping us #makewaves for our planet.

It may feel like our individual actions can’t make a difference, but if we all commit to even the smallest of actions, we can #makewaves on a large scale.


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