$235,441 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

Cape Clasp is proud to announce it has committed to become Climate Neutral Certified. We will be working with Climate Neutral, an independent non-profit organization that helps companies measure their carbon footprint, offset it in its entirety by purchasing quality carbon credits, and reduce emissions moving forward.

Climate Neutral has set rigorous certification standards that all companies must meet before being granted the Climate Neutral Certified status. Once all three steps have been completed, certified brands can use the Climate Neutral Certified label on products, packaging, and marketing materials. The label shows consumers and stakeholders that a brand is committed to taking immediate steps on climate action.

“Consumers today are yearning for evidence that companies are aware of their contribution to climate change and committed to erasing it,” said Climate Neutral CEO Austin Whitman. “We’re thrilled to have Cape Clasp commit to this journey. Soon they will join our growing list of certified companies that are proving that we’re living in a new era of leadership on climate by top brands.” 

Learn more about how the Climate Neutral Certified process is helping decrease global carbon emissions and browse certified and committed brands at climateneutral.org.