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With more than 500 miles of coastline, Cape Cod is arguably one of the best beach destinations in the country, even in the world. Cross some of the beaches off your to-do list this summer and check out our five favorite Cape beaches.

Nobska Light, Falmouth

If you’re looking for a beautiful place to take photos, Nobska Light is the beach for you. Located near Woods Hole in Falmouth, Nobska Light is situated on a bluff overlooking the ocean and surrounding town. The lighthouse was built nearly two hundred years ago to help safely guide mariners out at sea.

Today, the lighthouse is still functioning and is open for tours. When you’re done, head down to the water and dip your toes in Vineyard Sound.

Nauset Beach, Orleans

Nauset Beach is like two beaches in one: the public beach and the outer beach. The public beach which has ample (paid) parking, bathrooms, and lifeguards keeping watch. For more than 60 years, there has been a snack shack by the parking lot, but this year winter storms eroded so much of the beach that Liam’s had to be torn down. The town is working to bring food trucks to the parking lot, so you can still spend the entire day at Nauset.

If you have an SUV and are looking for a more private beach day, carve out time to have your vehicle inspected for an oversand permit and drive out to the outer beach. Depending on the condition of the trails and if piping plovers are nesting, you can drive in the dunes for miles north or south of public and park directly on the beach.

Great whites patrol the waters near Nauset in search of seals (not humans), so to be on the safe side, avoid swimming by alone or at night, and swim back to shore if you see a seal.

Race Point, Provincetown

It might seem like a trek, but heading up to Provincetown is worth every minute in the car. Located at the tip of the Cape, the town is home to many beautiful beaches, but our personal favorite is Race Point Beach.

The beach is vast and beautiful, with beach grass giving it a picturesque scene. It’s not uncommon to see seals or even whales from the shore, so make sure you keep a watchful eye on the water! When you’re done swimming for the day, check out the Old Harbor Life-Saving Station, which is open from 2:00-4:00pm daily.

Sandy Neck, Sandwich

Sandy Neck Beach Park is 4,700 acres of beach, dunes, maritime forests, and salt marshes and home to species of all kinds. Soak in the sun on the public beach, or register your car for an Offroad Vehicle permit and drive out on the sand. Either way, you’re guaranteed to have an amazing time.

If the weather is too cold to sunbathe, hike the miles of trails in the park and discover beautiful views of the area. And, there’s a designated area for camping in the surrounding forests.

Lighthouse Beach, Chatham

Just a quick walk from Chatham’s shop-filled Main Street, Lighthouse Beach is a great family-friendly option. The parking lot is right next to Chatham Light and perched upon a bluff overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, giving you an amazing view of the water and sandbars.

If you’re looking for a beach to see wildlife, Lighthouse Beach is the perfect choice. Seals swim in the channels and are easy to spot. That being said, keep an eye out for great whites as seals are their favorite prey!

Bonus: Brewster Flats

Although it’s not technically a beach, if you have the chance, check out the Brewster flats in Cape Cod Bay. At low tide, the water recedes nearly two miles, so you’re able to walk out onto the tidal flats. Don’t be surprised if you run into hermit crabs, minnows, clams, and other marine life as you make your way out to the sandbars! But, make sure you head back in as soon as the water starts coming in, otherwise you might get stranded on a sandbar.

Can’t make it to Cape Cod this summer? Wear it on your wrist instead! Check out our Half Cape Clasp and you’ll have a piece of the Cape on you at all times.