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It’s no secret that plastic is an inexpensive way to make life easier. But, our reliance on single-use plastic is having drastic consequences for animals around the world, especially those that live in or near the ocean, and it’s only getting worse. Here are a few facts:

The less plastic in the ocean, the fewer victims. If we all commit to reducing our plastic use, there will be less plastic flowing into the waters to harm marine animals. But, we still need to remove the plastic that is floating around right now.

We can all play an important role in cleaning up our oceans. Never leave behind trash after a day at the beach and pick up as much trash as you can whenever you’re there. It may seem like a small act, but you could be saving the life of an innocent marine animal.

Take the tikós challenge today and pledge to protect our oceans. Each cuff is made of 100% recycled ocean plastic and shipped using sustainable packaging materials. Every purchase supporting our new sustainable supply chain, turning ocean plastic into a valuable raw material for our products. 

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If we all commit to ditch the straw, keep the cup, bring the bag, and clean the coast, we will preserve our oceans for generations to come.