$231,080 Donated To Our Non-Profit Partners!

There are few things in nature that are more breathtaking than enjoying a day out on the water and seeing a whale break the surface. Despite their massive size, they are surprisingly gentle and peaceful, and their presence seems to have a calming effect on anyone lucky enough to see one.

But, the future of many species, like the North Atlantic right whale, is in jeopardy due to threats like boat strikes and getting tangled in fishing equipment. Help protect these gentle giants by supporting our newest partner, the Center for Coastal Studies, with your purchase of the newest member of the Cape Clasp family: the Whale Necklace.

Fifteen percent of profits from this necklace are donated to the Center for Coastal Studies, a nonprofit organization based in Provincetown on Cape Cod. Since 1976, the organization has been on a mission to understand and protect the coastal environment and marine ecosystems through education, research, and rescuing marine animals, including whales.

The whale charm comes in red bronze & silver, and the necklace is made from a marine-grade accessory cord, making it both durable and adjustable. Wearing this necklace will remind you to follow the lead of whales: be strong, but also compassionate and at peace. And, the necklace is the perfect match for the Whale Clasp.

Thanks for making waves.